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Long sleeve polo shirt

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- large degree of motion design | comfortable shirt to provide clean,

structured appearance, while maintaining loose, light and spacious and comfortable leisure enough to let players move freely | smooth stitching joint features include suitable for sensitive skin; Label-free design reduces itching; Classic 3 - button front and anti - roll collar

Fashion appearance | - suitable for any occasion without knit Polo unlined upper garment, we adopt pure white, pure black and bright, bold color rainbow | timeless styling, relaxed collocation a variety of recreational dress up, including the khaki pants, denim pants, blue jeans, jogging pants, uniforms, overalls, pants, casual pants, sports, etc

- Machine washable, permanent! | is looking for a feel good, look good and fit like a dream sets high quality fitness Polo shirt? | advanced import stain t-shirts, convenient cleaning, not shrinking, after washing to keep bright colors, guarantee 100% satisfaction guarantee | a variety of color optional, size S to 5 xl